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Reincarnation has for generations been a very strong belief in certain parts of the world, As our scientific process has evolved into the 20th and 21st centuries, this belief has been put to the test. Over and over again, new evidence of reincarnation emerges from the most unlikely places.

Young children show skills they could not have acquired in the few years they have lived on this planet. Memories emerge that individuals could have no way of knowing without past life experience. In some instances, people have been known to even speak in foreign dialects that they have no present life knowledge of in this incarnation.

More and more, the evidence mounts to prove that reincarnation is not just a theory but a fact of our cosmic existence, and as it does, the laws of karma become a fundamental realism in our lives.

The deeds and misdeeds of past lives are never the end of a soul, but merely a part of a continuum that surpasses life itself, as the soul transfers its knowledge from one life to the next, ever attempting to complete itself. Each life, the body goes through experiences that teach the soul a little more in its journey towards evolutionary fulfillment.

What makes this interesting, is that no lifetime is necessarily better or worse than another. Individuals have karmic lessons to learn in order to perfect their souls, and each soul will eventually live through every kind of experience until this is accomplished.

We often think of evolution as a linear process, such that the soul spends earlier lifetimes in lower status existences and as it evolves, its stature, class in society and cultural standards gradually increase. Yet, this may not be so. Since each life serves the purpose of completing a karmic lesson as yet unlearned, it is quite possible that an individual could be extremely wealthy in one life followed by a life of poverty. It all depends on the necessity of the lesson needed to be learned.

Someone who could have been wealthy may not have appreciated it enough, or perhaps it came too easily and they did not accomplish the things they could have with such wealth. In such instances it is entirely reasonable to understand how the soul could then experience a life where wealth would be very difficult to obtain, if only to learn how to appreciate its value.

Karmic Astrology (founded in 1975 by Martin Schulman and published in his 4 volume Karmic Astrology Series) is the method of finding the soul's path in the horoscope. From this it becomes possible to see how the entire chart is the current life expression of something much larger, on a continuum of learning as the soul journeys from one lifetime to another in an ever-learning quest to complete itself.

The Moon's Nodes show the lessons being learned, while the rest of the chart shows how the individual will do this. The South node, according to Martin Schulman contains within it, all of the lef-over residue of past lives that must be refined, corrected and built-on in order for the individual to reach their North Node, the area of highest achievement in the current life.

Thus, if an individual is born as a Pisces Sun in this life, with an Aquarius North Node and a Leo South Node, they must learn how to overcome the negative qualities of Leo and build from the positive ones before they can reach their Aquarius North Node. To do this, they must overcome ego problems (one of the negative qualities of Leo) and build on sincerity (one of the finer qualities of Leo). As a Pisces Sun, they will learn these lessons by making sacrifices for others, without looking for acclaim for themselves. In this way, we can see how the Sun Sign cooperates in how the individual learns their Nodal lessons.

In most instances, it is far more complicated than this, simply by the fact that by this time in history, souls have been around for some time, and have had many experiences. As we grow more evolved, there could be more than one lesson being learned in a lifetime.

Karmic Astrology aptly makes the assumption that the soul will each time pick the time, place and life experience that will best serve them to learn the lessons they need to learn the most. Thus, the soul actually picks its parents, its religion to be born into, the culture, race, color of skin, and ancestral background, all of which combine to bring about the conditions necessary for the soul to learn its needed lessons.

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